unfinished mother child staff

unfinished  mother child staff

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Letting go

It's time to leave the past behind, and it feels good. I'm digging out from under years of accumulated photos, writings, notes, childrens' paper creations all yellowed and torn at the edges. I'm saving the true treasures and discarding the rest. Why does anyone save old phone bills? Oh yea, to spark the memory for those years of court battle when I at last get around to writing that story. My phone bills were outrageous then, and some of the people at the other end of those numbers literally saved my life.

No matter where I turn, which room or which corner in that room, there is something to go through and assess. I'm calling this research to make it more fun, and anyway that's what it is-a re-search for the truth and meaning in my journey through life so far...