unfinished mother child staff

unfinished  mother child staff

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I painted this years ago, when I began to understand the absolute connection of everything.
Gaia represents the strong female spirit, and is the name of the oldest god known. (I don't generally use the word goddess for female gods, and I will be glad when it's gone the route of second class derivatives for women such as 'poetess'...arghh! )

The amazing scientist James Lovelock, who invented things for NASA as well as other scientific realms of discovery, has established what is known as "The Gaia Hypothesis" which, though first ridiculed by other scientists, has become of core relevance to mainstream emerging theory.  It says essentially that everything is connected, you, me, the air, the oceans, plants, animals and meteorites; everything molecule and chemical in the universe is  dependent and connected to everything else. It just makes perfect sense that everything be considered in the care of our planet Earth, and our ancient ancestors knew this fundamentally, long before the creation of a patriarchal hierarchy with its goal of power and control over all resources, which has led  to the absolute detriment of everyone but an elite few.  I can understand how the blind greed of individuals has come to pass in a nation bent on leaving compassion and cooperation behind and training children in abject competition for wealth, though we're been going the wrong way and I believe greed is at the core of world strife.  What I mostly don't understand is how those in power cannot see that their grandchildren also will not have clean air or water.

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