unfinished mother child staff

unfinished  mother child staff

Friday, March 26, 2010


My polar bear dream of two nights ago keeps interjecting into my thoughts. Every once in a while, a dream is clearly teaching something, especially after two days. And they are rare so I pay attention.  It's called dream lag.
Waldport sinking in mud, so back up truck, notice polar bears, (which I think are beautiful and important and always to help save but wouldn't want to be close to one) lose truck, then plastic boat I don't know how to assemble, walk enter Seal Rock path between steep hills, rock formations- followed by 2? 3? polar bears. See people and safety at the ocean side but then see young bear in between. I look back and the big ones are coming toward me. Instantly adjust my self to pass the young one peacefully without fear. Cause there's no other choice.
Then I look up and past this possible one again and there are two or three more on the oceanside of safety, gathering toward me.
A lot of emotional searching going on in my life at this moment. I want to understand this dream, I want to understand the message, because I know the answer to my sadness and fears of the last few days is there.  
I'm not the only one who sometimes deeply connects to a dream, right, to what's just below consciousness .Even if they're kinda scary, so is waking life sometimes and this was one of those dreams that just won't let go. keeps entering my waking thoughts.

On a vision quest in the mid 80s I learned to keep my feet on the the earth and stay connected: but still I like it that it's not yet dawn, and most of you are dreaming.