unfinished mother child staff

unfinished  mother child staff

Monday, March 29, 2010


                                                                  Pillars of Creation
                                                                         by Chris

 My son Chris and I showed paintings at a new gallery that opened last night, the Dana Marie Art Gallery in Corvallis Oregon.
It was a truly wonderful gathering of people and art, wine, cheese, laughter, networking, friends and family, strangers and new friends, all received with grace and appreciation by Dana Marie and her husband Emil.

Alyssa's family all came, my daughter and grandchildren came with two of their great friends, and as a bonus to the night, Cheyenne's art work, already well received by all, was a hit with the Dana Marie too. Maybe she'll be in the next one!
The day before, my doctor loved the almost finished painting 'woman child staff'  which she actually inspired me to do during a conversation after my surgery in the hospital.

I am feeling very good.

                                                                      by Cheyenne

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danacherise said...

I am feeling very good reading this. You are so talented and I can't believe your whole family had this gift!